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Help LLT in supporting our students during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As many of you know, Latinas Leading Tomorrow's mission is to serve and support our middle

and high school Latina students through our mentoring and leadership development programs at several public schools in the surrounding DMV area. The disruption that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, hits not only our ability to see our girls but to support them during this challenging time.


Earlier this week, we sent out a survey to our high school students to ask how we could support them - on a physical, emotional and intellectual level. We want them to know that if they need assistance in any way, we are there for them. It can be from helping them provide a meal for their family, a gift card so they can buy their personal hygiene products, offering to tutor or simply having a conversation and being that friendly voice that listens - without judgement.


We want to help our girls during this difficult time but we need your time, generosity and compassion to make it happen.

Below are some ways that YOU can help LLT in the next few months:

  • Donate a meal. Many local businesses are offering gift certificates and your support not only helps out a local business that is struggling but it also provides a meal for a Latino family that might be under financial strain during this time. Please consider mailing us a gift card from a local restaurant or grocery store so we can share pass on to one of our girls who have asked for assistance. P.O. Box address is listed below.


  • Donate your time. Taking the time to tutor, or just meet and get to know a teenager(s) over video who could use some friendly advice and support, means the difference between feeling depressed and isolated to knowing that there are Latina women out there who care. Please email us at if you'd like to connect with a student(s) who needs the gift of mentoring and friendship. Video "chats" will be held in a group setting along with LLT leadership.


  • Share your knowledge. Because we cannot meet our girls in person or provide our programming, we would like to create content that can be available for our girls on LLT's YouTube® channel. If you would like to provide a brief video of how you became interested in your profession, and the trajectory you took from high school, college to the present - we want to hear from you! We will provide you with an outline and instructions. Please help LLT and be part of this exciting effort! Email if you are interested.


  • Make an investment for their future. There is a large portion of our students who are rising seniors and they will be applying for colleges in the fall of 2020. We would like to build a fund that could cover the cost of college application fees for students who qualify and need the financial support during the next school year. Email if you'd like to sponsor a student.


  • Stay engaged and support LLT's mission. Now more than ever, we are witnessing how our communities are coming together. Many of us are also struggling, but there is no better way of uplifting our spirits and giving back than being part of an organization that helps our Latina youth. We are recruiting men and women to join our Board of Directors to strengthen and prepare for the next 2020-2021 school year. You might also want to consider being part of a Board Committee. Please let us know if you'd like to learn more about either program by emailing or visit our tab "Support LLT" to fill out an application form.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you are staying safe and well!

Madeline LaSalle, LLT Founder and Board Chair and the LLT Board of Directors

LLT starts 2020 with an alumni reunion!

In late January, Latinas Leading Tomorrow hosted a reunion luncheon on the main campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC to welcome LLT alumni to meet with LLT supporters and Board members to catch up and share their latest personal and professional experiences. 

It is LLT's hope to develop a separate group made up of LLT alumni and serve as an extension of LLT's mission and connect Madrinas with LLT alum who are recent college graduates, post grads and young professionals just starting their careers. If you are interested in learning more about our LLT alumni program and events planned for fall of 2020, please email us at to add you to our contact list. 

Photo above: From l to r standing: Patricia Gaitan, Aileen Sainz (Alumni), Marleny Escobar (Alumni), Teresa Ramirez, Marieli Silva (Alumni), Johanna Maldonado (Alumni), Gabriela Silva, Jessie Hernandez-Reyes, Nilda Quintana Oyola. From l to r sitting: Veronica Covarrubias, Madeline LaSalle (LLT Founder and Board Chair), Isela Melendez-Carpio (Alumni).

"To be a Latina leader means to be strong, independent, and set an example for others, especially younger Latinas."  - Vanessa

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