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Ways you can help LLT thrive... 

The success of Latinas Leading Tomorrow and its future depends on the work, commitment and dedication of many people.  Parents, faculty, volunteers, Board members and our generous donors and sponsors all play an invaluable role on whether or not we can make an impact on the next generation of leaders. Below are ways in which you can help ensure that LLT's mission continues.



Your leadership and commitment.  The LLT Board is comprised of Latinx professionals who are committed to fostering LLT's mission and ensuring that LLT's impact continues to thrive in our current schools and expands to other communities that can benefit young students. If you are interested in applying for a Board position, please fill the application below.



Your time and experience. If your time is limited but you would still like to engage with young Latina students 1-2 times a year and serve LLT as a mentor, also known as a "Madrina", feel free to fill out our Madrina interest form.  We will reach out to you, answer all of your questions and help find a way to work together!



Your generous contributions. There are several ways that you can financially support LLT. Whether it is a one-time donation, a sponsorship to a specific program or event, or services or goods that are provided as an in-kind donation. All proceeds are well received and allow us to continue LLT's programs throughout the year.

We’d love to hear from you!

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