C.O.R.E. Program  

(Creating Opportunities to Reach Excellence)


This after-school program centers Latinas in middle and high school. Its primary focus is cultural identity, leadership development, academics, governance, community service, and mentoring.  

Working closely with the designated point of contact at Latinas Leading Tomorrow (LLT), volunteer faculty and staff from each participating school use LLT-provided toolkits and related resources to bring CORE programming to students.

Volunteer Opportunities 

The faculty and staff who volunteer to lead CORE programming seek opportunities to connect their students to the primary pillars of the program: Cultural Identity, Leadership Development, Academics, Governance, Community Service, and Mentoring. You can learn more about this volunteer opportunity and sign up to be a CORE volunteer here.

C.O.R.E. High Schools
T.C. Williams High School (Alexandria, VA)
Wakefield High School (Arlington, VA)
Yorktown High School (Arlington, VA)